Starteo’s Features Make Selling Your Digital Products, Coaching, and Courses Easier and More Profitable Than Ever!

Dear Digital Entrepreneur

If you’re like most, you started your business because you felt called to share your valuable insights and techniques with the people in the world who would benefit from them the most.
If you’ve struggled trying to piece together youronline business with a website, lead capture software, autoresponder, sales page generator, shopping cart, and multiple pieces of tracking software that still leave you with unreliable metrics data, welcome

That’s exactly why we built Starteo.

Here’s how it makes your life Easier:

First, You get an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, so you can build and test new sales funnels faster than ever before to find your most profitable version yet – all without any technical knowledge!

Second, We included a robust shopping cart as a must-have, so that you can easily add products, configure your upsells, and accept one-time and recurring payments to maximize your advertising ROI!

Third, We built out an easy and comprehensive tracking solution, so you could automatically trackall of your conversions from start to finish, and at a glance, identify your most profitable funnels!

You’ve spent years, and likely a lot of money gaining the knowledge you hold. And now you have the ability to really help a lot of people.

But the one thing you weren’t taught was how to market.

At first, you weren’t sure how to get your information into people’s hands.
So you set out to learn.

And the first thing you were likely told was that you needed a fancy-looking and expensive website.

But to your dismay, you discovered that a website doesn’t magically just make clients appear.

So you dug a little deeper into the online marketing world and discovered the magic of sales funnels.

But it was also a bit overwhelming.

There are so many moving parts to try to hold together and make it all work.
We know, because we tried most of the sales funnel software out there.

We found ourselves stringing together half a dozen different software programs in order to run our business the right way.

And tracking everything accurately was a nightmare.
And when we spoke to other online entrepreneurs just like you, we found out they were having the same problems.


Here’s how it works

Begin Creating Your Funnel Using Starteo’sIntuitive Interface

Just click on things you want to edit, drag items around to rearrange the design, or drag new elements onto the page from the sidebar.

Everything responds exactly as you expect it to, and you can achieve the look of a professionally built page without writing a single line of code or learning anything about design!

Step 1: Choose Your Funnel Goal

What are you trying to do? Fill your email list? Sell an info product? Host a webinar to pitch your newest course? Just one click and you are in!

Step 2: Choose a Funnel Template

You can select from one of our 50+ FREE templates,
designed by digital marketing veterans, or
make your very own custom template!

Step 3: Make the Funnel Your Own

Use the intuitive drag and drop builder to completely make each funnel step your own, filling in images, logos and sales copy!

Here are just a few
of the cool things you can do

Drag-and-Drop Customization

Simply drag in videos, images, or other new elements and drop them wherever you want to make a completely custom design!

Columns and Grids

Choose the layout design that best meets the needs of your page by simply selecting one of the pre-confgured layouts!

Advanced Styling Options

Need more granular control of elements? No problem. Just open up the advanced options and make everything look just perfect!

Custom Forms

Use the opt-in form templates as-is, or customize them to your heart’s content!

Publish to Custom Domains

You can publish your Starteo pages directly on your very own custom domains!

Social Sharing

Take advantage of social sharing options to build your brand across platforms!

And that’s not even the best part!

The best part is that you can do all this in just a few minutes without. . .

  • Trying to hire the right programmers. . .it’s expensive!
  • Learning to program overnight. . .beating your head against a wall!
  • Patching together a bunch of different software programs. . .that’s not going to be fun!

Starteo takes what used to require weeks of time and boatloads of cash, and simplifies it into a few clicks of the mouse and taps on a keyboard!
So now you can focus more on your content and less on your software.

Design Your Shopping Cart Experience

In just a few moments you can enter the product details and configure the pricing by filling in the appropriate fields.

Customizing the order form and payment gateway are a breeze, and we made sure setting up your tracking couldn’t get any easier with our Starteo Pixel™!

Now you’re ready to

Step 4: Configure the Built-In Order Form

Configure the shopping cart and order form settings exactly how you want them so that your customers have a seamless buying experience!

Step 5: Add Products to Your Funnel

Configure the shopping cart and order form settings exactly how you want them so that your customers have a seamless buying experience!

Step 6: Set Up Tracking

Our Starteo Pixel™ allows you to track everything in your Starteo funnels and on all your other online platforms as easily as copy and paste!

Starteo E-Commerce Portal

We provide E-commerce alternatives which are completely personalized matching to specific specifications of an company & services

Get Paid

Our shopping cart allows you to accept major credit and debit cards directly in your funnel!

Advanced Integrations

Starteo’s powerful integrations allow you to connect with your favorite tools in a few clicks!

Payment Plan Options

Set up one-time or subscription payment plans easily by selecting from a few options!

You no Longer need 5 pieces of Expensive Software Held together by “Digital Duct Tape”!

In the past, we had to pull all sorts of shenanigans just to get our funnels to this point. . .

But you don’t have to deal with any of that!

If you don’t know how to code and design (and most of us entrepreneurs don’t), you’ve probably wasted a lot of time and money spinning your wheels trying to put together a working system that does everything from A-Z.

We were tired of playing that game.

We wanted it all in one place, integrated in an easy-to-use platform.

And we are betting that’s what you want too!

Well, now you can get started today, for FREE, and instantly begin building your next profitable marketing funnel in just minutes!

Analyze Profitability with Metrics at a Glance

Quickly spot trends inside your advanced analytics dashboard and then dive deeper to uncover exactly how each piece of your funnel is performing.

Our Starteo Pixel™ allows you to track everything,everywhere, automatically.

And our advanced analytics and tracking platform will give you new insights into your campaign success with KPIs displayed in an intuitive and easy-to-understand format.

You can see your conversion rates, CTR, EPC, LTV and more, so you can accurately track campaign performance, whether it’s built completely on Starteo, or using another platform.

And now for the most important part:

Step 7: Analyze Your Funnel Performance

Configure the shopping cart and order form settings exactly how you want them so that your customers have a seamless buying experience!

Step 8: Optimize Your Funnel

Our Starteo Pixel™ allows you to track everything in your Starteo funnels and on all your other online platforms as easily as copy and paste!

Step 9: Rinse and Repeat!

Once you have your campaign running like a well-oiled machine, it’s time to put it on autopilot and start making your next funnel!

The Advanced Analytics Dashboard Allows You to

Easily spot trends!

Track Your
Growth Over Time!

See What People
Are Clicking!

Find Out Where Your Customers are Located!

See Stats for Each Page With just a Single Click!

View Conversion Tracking from your StarteoPixel™!


You’ve just launched a profitable new funnel in just minutes!

If you have dreamed of having. . .

  • High Converting Sales Funnels. . .
  • Astoundingly Accurate Analytics. . .
  • A Robust Shopping Cart. . .
  • All in One Place. . .

. . . then your dreams have just come true!
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I love the simple, faster design of Starteo, It’s not an overwhelming amount of features. Compared to some other alternatives.

Linda Naeun Lee

(Sales manager)

Now you can focus more on serving your customers, and less on holding together your business with a dozen different pieces of software.

You’ve invested quite a bit of time and money developing your expertise.

And now you can focus on using your gifts to the highest potential. No more learning to hack together pieces of code or managing outsourced software projects with unreliable freelancers.

You really can have it all. . .

  • High Converting Sales Funnels. . .
  • Accurate Data Analytics. . .
  • Robust Shopping Cart. . .
  • All in One Place!

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