Introducing “Pixel” smart way to track sales on one place

Sales Funnels On Steroids

Starteo is the easiest way to sell products, build amazing sales funnels and analyze your data using high converting templates and advanced analytics tools.

Build & track sales

Starteo is the fastest and easiest way to build and test new funnels – and it automatically follows every step of your funnel, so you know exactly where to focus your optimization efforts.

A fast and simple funnel design

Build your funnel pages quickly and easily with our drag-and-drop interface, So you can test new profitable designs without waiting!

See your indicators at a glance

Our advanced analytics dashboard gives you a snapshot of your conversion rates and profitability on your entire Funnel!

How it works?

Simple & Easy Work flow

Build Your Funnel

Whether you’re looking to add contacts to your e-mail list, sell a product or service, or have people attend your webinar, Starteo offers funnels that meet all your acquisition and conversion goals marketing!

Sell A Product

It only takes a few minutes to enter the details of the products in our form – the various sizes, colors and other variations are not a problem. Our shopping cart is designed to sell perfectly all your e-commerce and digital products!

Setup Your Tracking Using Starteo Pixel

Our starteo pixel allows you to follow everything in detail, both in your starteo funnels and on your other online sales platforms!

Launch Your Funnel/Campaign

More than 50 FREE templates designed by successful e-commerce and digital product vendors get you started. Your new Funnel will be finished and ready to launch in just a few clicks!

Analyze Your Data

Our advanced analytics and tracking platform provide you with all your important KPIs in an intuitive and easy-to-understand format. You have access to your conversion rates, TDC, EPC, LTV, etc. so you can accurately track the performance of your campaign, whether on Starteo or another platform!


With the data generated by your starteo pixel and Advanced Analysis Chart, you can see exactly what’s working and what’s not working. This allows you to quickly identify the stages of your sales funnel that you can optimize without difficulty to instantly increase your profits!

Key Feature

The features that make it easy

Starteo is the easiest way to get design feedback, create high-fidelity prototypes and test usability of your design with your clients or colleagues.


Beautiful templates to increase your visitors

Not only do you have access to more than 50 beautiful models for FREE, with new additions every week, but these models are designed by seasoned experts who have made a lot of money selling e-commerce and digital products. ‘they exist only for one purpose – to sell!


Connect Your Mailchimp Account

Powerful integrations to help you automate importation and keep your list always clean.

Create your first funnel!

Create a Starteo account and start building your profitable sales funnel today.

Starteo was invented as the ultimate solution to create sales funnels whose main objective is to convert your visitors into prospects or buyers.

Leo Guillot Olsen

(CEO of Starteo)

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